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12-year-old African girl bags degree from US college, sets outstanding record

An exceptional girl named Sawsan Ahmed has set a record of being the youngest graduate of Broward College in Florida United States after earning an Associate degree at the age of 12.

Sawsan Ahmed who hailed from Egypt graduated with an outstanding 4.0 GPA and is set to proceed to the University of Florida to study computer programming, chemistry and biology. The young genius explained that her interest in the University of Florida bores on their courses with Python programming through biology.

“Their courses with Python programming through biology really caught my interest. It’s an amazing place for really studying those topics so it’s really cool that I was accepted I get to go there next semester,” Sawsan told ABC News.

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Sawsam’s mother, Jeena Santos Ahmed, narrated that at the age of 9, Sawsan had earned her high school diploma and passed a post-secondary education readiness test that allowed her to take college courses.

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“All of her education has pretty much been child-led. Whenever she shows an interest in something, we sort of dive into it and try to follow her interest as best that we can,” Jeena explained.

“We talked to her about new developments that we read about, we let her listen to NPR and learn about new scientific discoveries,” she added.

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Sawsan narrated that at the start of her college program, her colleagues were all helping being the youngest in the class.

“At the very beginning, everyone was helping me, calling me ‘honey,’ ‘sweetie,’ things like that. But by the end of the semester, all of the other students were asking me for help on questions.” she said of the students in her science lab course.

Amber Abels, her professor at Broward College described Sawsan as a hardworking young girl who is always excited to do lab work every day. “The thing I remember most is that she was always ready to do lab work every day, like, exceptionally excited. It was great. She was more than able to keep up and was an excellent student,” Professor Abels explained.

Sawsan got inspired to study biology and medicine through her father, Wesam Ahmed, who works as a physician at the Cleveland Clinic’s cancer centre in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). “Physicians like my dad save lives one at a time, but if I invented technology that can work in medicine it could save many lives at once,” Sawsan said.

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The 12-year-old Sawsan has been accepted to the University of Florida and is now set to earn her bachelor’s degree. After her Bachelor’s degree, Sawsan hopes to continue her education to earn an M.D. or doctorate.

“Shoot for the stars and don’t underestimate yourself. That mentality is what brought me here.” Sawsan said.

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