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12-year-old girl gains admission to University of Toronto Canada, bags bachelors degree at 16, hopes to earn PhD at 22

A brilliant girl named Vivian Xie who was admitted to the University of Toronto, Canada at the young age of 12, has recently graduated from the institution at just 16 years old with a bachelor’s degree.

Vivian obtained a double major in Biology, and cell and Molecular biology at the University of Toronto, Canada, She not only graduated at an exceptional age, but she also made history in the university.

She broke the record as the youngest-ever graduate from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Arts & Sciences since its inception in 1979. “The past four years has been pretty normal. If you actually didn’t know my age, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell,” she said.

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Vivian began her post-secondary education when she was 12 at the University of Prince Edward Island before transferring to the University of Toronto. She attributes her success to her love of learning and the support of her grandmother who is a school teacher.


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“She was a schoolteacher, she started teaching me as I was playing in the park or as I was having fun with my friends. She was slipping in little bits of unnoticeable information into my child brain,” Vivian said.

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”And I wouldn’t notice at all. I would think that she was playing a very fun game with me … That’s how I ended up associating learning with a lot of fun. My grandmother ended up giving me a lot of very good life philosophies.You know, the Asian parent thing where every little thing is a life lesson,” she added.

Vivian stated that she was never pressured to excel in school. She said she preferred learning at her own pace and recognized the importance of pushing herself when her studies were not challenging enough.


“You just kind of have to really give yourself time and space to do things at your own pace. It’s not like a race,” she said. Vivian said despite being a strong student, she enjoys other activities like creative writing and food.

“People say, ‘Don’t be a jack of all trades, start specializing.’ But for me, I think that’s terrible advice,” she said.”When all you know how to use is a hammer, you’re going to see everything else is a nail. I feel like that’s a terrible way to approach life,” she added.

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Vivian said she believes that having a variety of skills and knowledge benefited her. In addition to doing well academically, she said she is very sure of one thing, her strong passion for living life motivates her.

“All of these incredible, incredible coincidences happened for us to be able to exist right now. And then you throw it away and that’s going to be like such a waste. Just have fun and really, really enjoy the time that you have on Earth,” she said.

She mentioned that she will be continuing her education at the university as she has enrolled for a master’s degree in Applied immunology at the University of Toronto. Vivian said she hopes to finish her PhD at the age of 22.



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