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14-year-old boy wins full scholarship to university after trekking for 2 hours to attend high school graduation

A determined 14 -year- old boy named Xavier Jones, has been awarded a full scholarship after trekking for more than two hours to attend his eighth-grade graduation ceremony.

Xavier was keen on attending his graduation even if it meant trekking an eight-kilometre distance and his commitment to showing up earned him a full-ride scholarship. Speaking about why he decided to embark on the journey.

“I remembered my mentor’s word that said if you want something, you got to go get it”

Xavier is a student of Yeatman Middle School but the graduation ceremony of his school was held in Harris-Stowe University. His grandfather’s car which was supposed to take him to the venue developed faults at the last minute, and he had no other options.

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“I was going to tell an adult, but my grandpa’s car was down. So, I was just going to walk there,” he explained

Xavier then came up with a plan without the knowledge of his grandfather and his school staff. He looked up the walking distance of the venue of the graduation ceremony and he made up his mind to trek to the venue.

“I looked up Harris-Stowe University on Google Maps, and then I saw the walking distance, and then I said, ‘I could probably make it”.

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Xavier, together with his brother and friend trekked the 8km journey and fortunately for him, he made the graduation ceremony in time.

“I wanted to walk across the stage,” he further explained.

Upon learning of the length Xavier took in order for him to attend the graduation ceremony, Harris-Stowe state university administrators were so overwhelmed by his determination that they promised him a full-ride scholarship into the university after he finishes high school in four years.

The president of Harris-Stowe state university, Dr Latonia Collins Smith said Xavier’s story reminded him of the obstacles many students face and how they strive to overcome those obstacles.

“Many of our students come with a story, and many of our students come with environmental barriers they have overcome or that they are currently overcoming,” Collins Smith said.

The president mentioned that the full-ride scholarship awarded to Xavier will cover his cost of tuition, fees, and all books someday.

The president also added that Xavier’s determination is what everyone can learn from, that even on one’s worst days one should keep pressing forward.

“At the end of the rainbow, there’s a pot of gold. I learned a lot from Xavier that day,” Collins Smith said. “Even on your worst day, keep pressing forward.

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