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16-year-old homeless girl beats colleagues to emerge US high school’s best student, wins $1,750 scholarship to university

An exceptional 16-year-old girl named Rebecca Schmitt has defied all odds to emerge as the best-graduating student of Maynard Jackson High School in the United States. She was also awarded a scholarship worth of 1,750 dollars to study at the university.

Rebecca had a tough start growing up as she and her mother who was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer were evicted from their home leaving them with no house. Despite those challenges, she focused hard on her education and later graduated with an outstanding 4.20 GPA.

“I went from upper-middle class, amongst attorneys and surgeons, and hosting study sessions, to homelessness, seeking shelter wherever it might be. I also gained a fear for my education,” she said.

Rebecca graduated from Maynard Jackson High School with the highest grade point average in her set. Her excellent performance earned her 1,750 dollars in scholarship money from The Dukes Foundation and The Robin Latimore Foundation in the United States.

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She was also accepted into three of the seventeen colleges she applied to which include Spelman College, Georgia Technology University, and Washington University in St. Louis, United States.

“I don’t want to have a sense of entitlement. So the fact that someone found it in their heart to give those to me is wonderful,” she said appreciating the foundation that awarded her scholarship.

Aside from her excellent academic performance, Rebecca was also active in other activities in the school. She was the school’s tennis captain and was named most valuable player in her final year.


Rebbeca attributed her success to her mother stating that she found strength in her. “I was inspired by her positive attitude during our difficult times,” she explained.

“I learned to focus on the positive tools that we have instead of the challenges in life. I began to view the world through a different lens. I realized that I had much to be thankful for and that I had potential,” she added.

Rebecca’s mother, Sandra Schmitt added that she is extremely proud of Rebecca for remaining true to her commitment to excellence. Rebecca will be studying engineering with the aid of her scholarship at Duke University.

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