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17-year-old African American boy wins $330,000 scholarship to 6 US universities, set to become a Psychologist

A 17-year-old African-American boy named Ashton Brandon has earned 330,000 dollars worth of scholarships and acceptance from six universities in the United States.

Ashton Brandon is a teen from Michigan who was awarded 330,000 dollars worth of scholarship to study for his bachelor’s. He earned acceptance from six universities out of the 20 universities he applied to. 

Brandon who graduated from the International Academy of Flint said he received acceptance letters from schools like Drexel University, St. John’s University, Loyola University, Morehouse College, and Eastern Michigan University.

While at the International Academy of Flint, he did not only excel academically. He also served as an editor in the school’s journalism program, the captain of the Robotics team, a sports commentator during basketball season, and the Vice President of the National Honors Society.

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Brandon credits his success to his parents, stating that they pushed him to read more and supported him throughout his studies. He mentioned that his parents were the first to introduce him to books and they were persistent in helping him learn to fall in love with education.

He said that he also participated in a mentorship program called Big Brother Big Sister, where he met his mentor Quentin Love in 2016, and has since become friends supporting him.

“We go through a lot of social anxiety, insecurities, and pressure to succeed on a journey of self-discovery, all we need is for our issues to be validated and considered, while also guiding us through,” Brandon told Flintside.




Brandon stated that the key to his success has been his desire to succeed. During the pandemic, he said he found himself lacking motivation but it did not last long as he was fueled back by his desire.

“I believe my desire for success and my belief in my future has helped me complete the work as needed,” he said.

Brandon noted that it is important for adults to know young people face real pressures, pains, and fears in life. He says even though young people are intelligent and driven, they still need support from mentors and other adults to help guide their development.

Brandon plans to to attend Morehouse College where he will study Psychology and Sociology. He dreams of participating in the study abroad program and becoming a global traveler later on.

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