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17-year-old African-American girl graduates US high school with 4.34GPA, set to become a Child Doctor

A brilliant 17-year-old girl named Aria McDaniels has graduated from Haines City High School, Florida in the United States with an outstanding cumulative grade point average of 4.34.

Aria not only graduated with a remarkable grade but she was also awarded the second-best graduating student of Haines City High School. She made history as the first black best-graduating student.

She made the achievement alongside her childhood friend, Myles McCant who was the overall best graduating student with a 4.43 grade point. Aria told GMA that they have both been friends since kindergarten.

Aria was active both in her academics and extracurricular activities while a student of the school. She was co-captain of the girl’s volleyball team, co-captain of the girl’s weightlifting team, and a member of the track team.

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She also was the president of the National Honor Society and was involved in a club working for students against tobacco. All this she was doing while taking Advancement Placement classes which made her earn college credits while in high school.

“We separated the competition completely from our friendship. This year we had a class together and we would help each other out,” Aria said. “Hard work really does pay off, I got into my dream school, I’m getting scholarships. It’s all coming together,” she added.

Aria attributed her success to her parents stating that they are the key to motivating her to work hard and do well in her academics.



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“From elementary school, my dad pushed me to learn to go above and beyond. He wanted me to make straight A’s and I asked him, ‘Why? My friends don’t have to make straight A’s,” she said.

Aria advises other students to always be patient stating that they will get noticed for their accomplishments. She plans to attend the University of Florida to study biology noting that her goal is to become a pediatrician.


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