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17-year-old boy graduates US high school and Harvard university same time, becomes America’s youngest Lawyer at 20

A 17-year-old boy named Braxton Moral who graduated from Ulysses High School and Harvard University the same year was called to the United States Bar at the age of 20 making him the youngest Lawyer in America.

Braxton Moral received his high school diploma at Ulysses High School and bagged an undergraduate degree from Harvard University the same month at the age of 17. He was able to study at Harvard same time as high school through the Harvard Extension School.

Braxton Parent enrolled him at Harvard Extension School, an offshoot of Harvard University that offers online courses and nonresidential programs to any academically capable student regardless of age.

“My parents noticed I was bored in school and needed something to inspire growth, so they ended up finding the Extension School,” he said.

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Upon his graduation, Braxton went on to pursue his law degree from Washburn University and graduated at the age of 19. 

Moral’s mother, Julie Moral said she realized her son was just a little different at age 2 stating that he understood concepts that others his age did not. She added that by age 5, his vocabulary had accelerated and he was having conversations with his three much older siblings and adults.

She mentioned that in elementary school, Braxton started getting bored which made the counselors contact her and his father. Braxton’s parents told Hutchinson News that they recalled him being extraordinary. 

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They said that although he got along with his peers, played games, and enjoyed tennis and debate, he always wanted to do more, to learn more, and to discover new principles.

Braxton took his first undergraduate class at Harvard while still in sixth grade. In addition to the online college classes, he also had an online gifted teacher back home. A year after he bagged his Law degree from Washburn University, United States, he took the bar examination and passed it successfully.

“So, we’d actually just entered the movie theater, scrolling through social media, saw one of my friends got their scores, figured my score’s probably in as well, started to panic, found out I passed as well. My parents were ecstatic, and we saw the movie,” he said.

In addition to practicing law, most likely governmental or administrative, Braxton said he would like to work for a politician. After that, he would like to go into politics, mainly on the national scale.


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