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17-year-old boy graduates US high school with 4.47 GPA, earns $1million scholarship to 30 universities

A young African-American boy named Stephen Thomas graduated from Bogan Computer Technical High School, United States with a 4.47 grade point average. He earned $1 million worth of scholarships to 30 universities across the nation.

Stephen Thomas is a teen from Chicago who earned acceptance from 30  different universities and scholarship offers worth 1 million dollars in reward for his academic excellence at Bogan Computer Technical High School, United States.

He stated that he together with his 6 other siblings, was raised by his single mother, Ericka adding that though it was challenging to raise them alone, his mother made sure to guide him since he was young.

“No matter what life presents you just go for it you write your own story we know there are narratives out here about our black boys but it is our responsibility to change that narrative,” she said.

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Stephen stated recieving acceptance letters from more than 30 colleges is a testament to his determination. He was accepted by Loyola University, DePaul University, Northern Illinois University, and North Central University.

“When I am recognized, I won’t just have been another Black teen on the news for something bad like gang violence or me getting wrongfully shot,” Stephen said.

”I want people to look at me and be like ‘wow he’s really out there doing something that we really thought we couldn’t do just because of how he looked,’” he added. Stephen said he hopes his story encourages other youth like him to know that they can achieve what he did, too.



“It’s not impossible. Again, I am just a kid from Chicago that put the work in and put the time in, and [hopefully] somebody else is seeing this and they’re like ‘wow I can do it too,’” he said.

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