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17-year-old girl graduates US high school with 4.10 GPA, wins $ 1.3 million scholarships to 50 universities

A brilliant 17-year-old girl named Jakelia Baker has earned over 1 million dollars worth of scholarship offers to 50 different universities after graduating from  Lucy C. Laney High School, United States with an outstanding 4.10 cumulative grade point.

Jakelia Baker, a Georgia teen graduated from  Lucy C. Laney High School, United States with a 4.10 grade point. Her excellent performance earned her $1.3 million dollars worth of scholarships to 50 universities and colleges across the United States.

Baker graduated as the best-graduating student of the 2019 graduating class of her high school. “It really boosted my confidence and my self-esteem because I honestly didn’t think that I could achieve such a big goal,” she told GMA.

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In addition to her academic transcript, Baker was also active in extracurricular activities. She played volleyball, basketball, golf, tennis, and soccer, and was also in the marching band, math team, student council, National Honor Society, and Academic Decathlon.

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Speaking on how she was able to juggle her academics together with her social activities, she said she gave up on her social life adding that she missed out on parties and other social gatherings.

Baker credited the support of her mother, retired Army veteran Denise Richards, for keeping her on track and making sure she is not distracted. She described her as her top motivator.

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Denise Richards stated that she is proud of her daughter’s achievement noting that she has a very determined spirit and is always ready to achieve her goals. “She don’t wanna have no regrets, that’s the kind of person she is. Anything that she puts her mind to, she exceeds and excels,” she said.


Baker mentioned that she applied to around 65 schools and was able to get into about 55 by her count, including Clemson University, Oklahoma University, and Michigan State University.

She said she has made a decision, signing a letter of intent to attend Pennsylvania State Beaver University on an athletic scholarship adding that she chose the school because “they feel like my second family already.

Encouraging high schoolers, Baker advised them to not give up even though the process might be hard but they should keep pushing till they reach their goals.

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