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17-year-old girl makes history as the youngest black pilot in the US, achieves dream

17-year-old, Kamora Freeland has reached a turning point in her dream of becoming a pilot as she obtains her private’s pilot license. She also made history as one of the youngest black pilot in the United States.

Kamora, from staten island and a senior at Kingsborough Early College High School recently completed a check ride to obtain her private pilot’s license. She had earlier done her solo and cross-country flights.

“I have a passion for it and I love it,” she said in an interview with ABC-7. The young pilot has also flown her mother to Martha’s Vineyard.  “She flew me, and I enjoyed it, and she really did it, and I couldn’t believe that she was the pilot of the plane that I was sitting in the back of,” Kamora’s mother said.

Kamora attributed her achievement to her family’s support which was evident on her test day as they were all present to witness her success.

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“I live in Atlanta, and I came to see it. I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Kamora’s sister, Mariama Toe-Freeland said. “Excited, I’m real excited about this here,” Kamora’s grandfather said.

Kamora flew for nearly an hour with a designated pilot examiner to obtain the license, and when she landed, she was told she had passed. The flight instructor, who began instructing and flying with her at the age of 15 described her as one who is focused for her age.

“She’s focused and she’s still just a kid,” Freeland’s instructor said. “I didn’t see this a year and a half ago, so to be here and see it with my own two eyes, I’m grateful,” Kamora’s mother added.


She stated that she is proud to be a part of a necessary positive change, hoping that other young Black girls will also be inspired to make a difference in their way.

Kamora mentioned that she plans to enroll at Spellman College where she would acquire her commercial pilot’s license.


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