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17-year-old girl wins $1.2 million to 21 US universities, aims to become a Medical Doctor

A brilliant 17-year-old girl named Taylor Edwards has won 1.2 million worth of scholarships to 21 universities to study for her bachelor’s degree in the United States.

Taylor, a teen from Georgia graduated from Midtown High School in Atlanta in the United States.  She was accepted to 21 universities and colleges across the United States with her scholarships totaling 1,19800 million dollars.

“When they started coming in and coming in, I got a little anxious. This is actually getting real. You have to have your future to kind of like planned out in your head. Like what you wanna do,” she said.

Some of the universities that accepted Taylor is Clemson University, the University of Kentucky, Tennessee University, Louisiana State University, Pittsburgh University, and 17 other top schools.

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Taylor’s mother, Robin Lewis mentioned that the brilliant teen has always loved school right from when she was in Kindergarten.“She has been excited about school since she started pre-K, she had always had this appetite for learning,” Robin said.

During her time as a student at Midtown High School, she held several important roles. She served as the Captain of the track team was a member of the Beta Club and the National Honor Society, and managed to maintain an impressive A+ average throughout.

Taylor stated that she is excited about the scholarship as it would enable her to finish the university debt-free.




“I’m like really excited for these next four years. Like, I know God has like a good plan for me and I, that I’m gonna be able to hold myself accountable,” she said. Advising other students, Taylor encouraged them to work hard to secure a better future for themselves.

“Work hard for yourself. At the end of the day, it’s your life. Not anyone else. Your future. So just do it for yourself, and that’s it.” she said.

Taylor mentioned that she will be proceeding to Medical School after her undergraduate degree as she wants to be a Medical Doctor in the Future.

In a similar story, a brilliant 18-year-old girl named Jaylin Ellison has won a 2 million worth of scholarship to 50 universities to study for her bachelors degree in the United States.

Ellison graduated from Westlake High School, United States and has been accepted to 50 universities and colleges across the United States. She also won different scholarships totaling 2 million dollars.

She stated in an interview with Yahoo Life that she applied to around 70 colleges but earned acceptance into 50 schools out of them including the University of California, Elon University, and Howard University.

Ellison mentioned that the scholarship process was not easy recalling how she would be up late at night doing an essay doing all the theatrics which she said made her cry sometimes but remained determined with her mother’s word of encouragement.



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