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17-year-old Nigerian-American boy graduates US high school with 5.00GPA, earns bachelor’s and master’s degree at 22

A 17-year-old Nigerian-American boy named Akintunde Ahmad who graduated from Oakland Technical High School, United States with a 5.00 grade point average proceeded to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree by the age of 22.

Akintunde Ahmad who was born and raised in Oakland graduated from Oakland Technical High School, California in the United States with an outstanding grade of 5.00. and had a score of 2100 on his SAT (Standardised Test for US college admissions).

Akintunde’s outstanding performance earned him acceptance from different top universities in the United States including 4 Ivy League schools. Some of the universities he was accepted into are; Yale University, Brown University, and Columbia University.

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While in high school, Akintunde was a student-athlete and talented musician. Throughout his high school career, he has played basketball and baseball with plans to focus on baseball in college.

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Akintunde said despite his academic and athletic achievements, he has often been judged and overlooked based on his appearance stating that his height and long locs often draw others to make assumptions of him.

“People looking at me funny is so common that it doesn’t stick out for me anymore. It’s something that I’ve gotten used to,” Akintunde said. “I’ll leave this school and there will be teachers who never knew I was one of the people on the honor roll.

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After high school, Akintunde proceeded to Yale University, United States where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. He said his experiences at the university were full of growth which was basically influenced by the vicinity where he grew up.

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Akintunde said as a teen in Oakland California, there were events and struggles he had to endure that helped shape his persevering spirit. “I think the most important thing it gave me is to have a persevering spirit,” Akintunde said.

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“No matter what I was dealing with, rather it be difficult classes, losing more friends to gun violence back home, or issues of racism, diversity, and inclusion on campus,” he added.

After his bachelor’s degree, Akintunde got accepted to Columbia University where he pursued a master’s in Journalism,with a major in  documentary filmmaking. He advised every youth facing struggles or limitations around them to be confident and be ready for a new journey.

“Be confident in whatever you do,most importantly don’t be afraid to try new things, I never faltered in my academic pursuits because I had a persevering spirit instilled in me by the Oakland that I grew up in,” he said.

Akintunde is now a writer, a journalist, a documentary filmmaker, a podcast co-host and an entrepreneur. He also teaches young Oakland kids in his free time.

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