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18-year-old African American boy breaks US high school’s 27-year history, emerges first black valedictorian with 4.67 GPA

An 18-year-old boy named Jayden Hughes has broken the 27-year-old record of Sebastian Rivers High School, Texas in the United States as he emerged as the first black valedictorian to graduate with an outstanding 4.67 Grade Point Average.

Jayden, an Hispanic-African American made history as the first-ever black student to graduate with the highest grade point since the inception of Sebastian River High School. He earned the achievements with a 4.67 grade point average and a 1410 SAT score.

He mentioned that he was a straight-A student which made him shocked when he when he received his first test grade in Algebra with a score of 62in his seventh grade. He added that the ninth-grade-level class was not easy too which made him score a B.

“It’s haunted me forever. That B humbled me more than anything. You can’t always be perfect,” he said. Ever since then, Jayden said he made sure to be a straight A student till he graduate and now he is graduating as the vaeictorian.

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Jayden stated that he has always had a thirst for knowledge, spending time outside the classroom diving deeper into subjects taught at school to learn as much as possible. He attributed his success to his parents and extended family for always motivating him.

“I wanted to represent and give this to my family, that they can be proud of, that their struggles have made me successful. It’s like an homage to them, in a way,” he said.

He said he was able to achieve the feat because he took nine classes in his junior year, including six International Baccalaureate classes and one Advanced Placement course. In his senior year, he took two dual-enrollment classes at a  College, another six International Baccalaureate classes, and one AP course.


All of the credits added to his extracurriculars which include the National Honor Society president, Mathnasium tutor, Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy member, and Publix employee, where he worked 20-24 hours weekly. 

Jayden also earned a biology technician certification through the school’s Career & Technical Education program.”Sometimes you have to sacrifice here and there. But your final result no matter the journey, no matter what the nitty-gritty was, it’ll all be worth it in the end,” he said.

He stated that he has been accepted to several colleges, including the University of Florida, the University of Miami, Florida State University and Duke University in North Carolina which is his dream school. He added that he is yet to decide where and what he will study.

Jayden mentioned that he has always been interested in biology adding that he is leaning toward a biotechnology or pre-medical track with plans to pursue a career as an orthopedic surgeon.

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