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18-year-old boy gains admission to 39 US universities, wins $3.5m scholarship to become a mechanical engineer

An exceptional 18-year-old boy named Jaden Hunter has graduated as the best student of his graduation set securing an outstanding 4.7-grade point average from Crenshaw Arts Tech Charter High in Los Angeles, United States.

Jaden Hunter was subsequently accepted by 39 universities in the United States and got awarded scholarships which accumulated to over $3.5 million. Jaden is also one of the award winners of the prestigious Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation scholarship.

Speaking about his achievement, Jaden said he feels good because his hard work finally pays off. I felt good because my hard work paid off. All the long sleepless nights I took in, stuff like that, it finally paid off,” Hunter said.

He narrated that he kept receiving messages of full-ride scholarships from several institutions across the United States including his dream school – the University of Southern California.

“I got all these letters. Free ride here, full ride here, full ride here and all that type of stuff. I got accepted into my childhood dream school, USC. I didn’t go, it’s too close to home, but I still got accepted there. I accomplished that,” Hunter said, according to ABC7.

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He stated that he has decided to accept the Full-ride scholarship offer of the Univesity of Southern California to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. “Math has been my favorite subject my entire education career basically. So that’s why I’ll be studying mechanical engineering at Berkeley,” he said.


His mother, Rodkeisha Polian, said her son’s schedule was always filled with a variety of activities as she ensures he is always engaged doing meaningful activities throughout his High School study.

“I kept him in sports, I kept him in church, I kept him in community events. I always kept him busy, so he didn’t have time to wander out in the streets and get into any trouble,” Polian said.

Jaden noted that the success he has been able to achieve is just the beginning as he hopes to work with NASA or SpaceX once he graduates from university.

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