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18-year-old boy who lost his mother at a young age becomes successful, graduates as US high school’s valedictorian

A brilliant 18-year-old boy named Kolby Daniel has overcome challenges caused by the loss of his mother at a very young age to ultimately graduate as the valedictorian of his high school in the United States.

Daniel was only 7 years old when his mother was shot and killed accidentally. Despite the difficulties he faced, he did not allow this tragedy to hinder his progress with education and life goals.

His mother got caught between gunfire of gang members in a high profile shooting, in which stray bullets killed her and a 5-year-old in 2012.

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“We were outside playing football. We rushed into the house after we heard bullets, and that’s all I remember from that day,” he said. He stated that he took losing his mother and turned it into motivation to succeed in her honor.


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“My mom meant the world to me. My best friend at the time. She’d always say I was her dude, and I always felt like I was her favorite,” he said.

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Daniel graduated as the Valedictorian of Booker T. Washington High School, New Orleans in the United States where his mother also graduated with honors. At the school, he was enrolled in a college credit program where he earned 60 credit hours.

“She graduated at Booker T. Washington, Class of ’96, and she was #3 in her class. I think she’d be extremely proud of me doing what she had done, but a little better, she was #3, now I’m #1,” he said.


Daniel stated that he is following in his mother’s footsteps from high school and strives to become the best version of himself. He credits his achievement to his family for being supportive.

“I’m very proud of him. It is hard raising boys in this era, in this city. I did my best with them,” Kerry Daniels, Daniel’s dad said.

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He stated that the greatest gift he could give his mother for every Mother day is his success. “All things get better through struggle. It is just really mind blowing that I fulfilled my dreams, being at the top of the class,” he said.

Daniel will be proceeding to Texas Southern University in Houston, United States. He plans to join the university’s Ocean of Soul Marching Band.




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