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18-year-old boy who sustained brain injury in an accident survives, graduates US high school in five years

18-year-old boy, Kersch Ray who sustained a brain injury in a car accident has overcome as he graduates within five years despite missing his first year from Chelsea High School in the United States.

Ray was hit by a vehicle during an early morning cross-country practice in his freshman year when he was 13 years old which made him sustain a severe traumatic brain injury in addition to some broken bones as reported bu Mlive. 

He spent 10 days in a coma and was hospitalized for more than two months following the accident. Ray had to re-learn how to speak, walk, read, write, and complete all the tasks needed to finish the day.

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He stated that his right hand which was his dominant hand was partially paralyzed in the accident which makes him now write with his left hand instead. He experiences short-term memory loss, which has made it challenging for him to continue his schoolwork.


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Ray stated that he struggled to adapt to his new life after the accident but despite the challenges, he remained determined. He stated that part of his motivation was to be like everyone else, go to school, interact with his classmates, even get in trouble like others.

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“I’m not a quitter. “Say the teacher taught us something, I would forget it five minutes later. I was thinking to myself, what’s the point of even coming here when I am never going to use any of this outside of school,” he said.

He said along the way, he realized that his determination also served as an inspiration for others. “It makes me feel good. It warms my heart to know that I can inspire people to keep moving forward,” he said.



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Ray accepted his certificate of high school completion, along with 225 other seniors who graduated in Chelsea’s Class of 2016. He was described as a “super senior,” taking five years to complete his secondary education since he missed nearly his entire freshman year recovering from the accident.

At his graduation ceremony, Ray had a purple cast on his right leg for a broken ankle, but he insisted he stand on his own to accept his certificate rather than be pushed in a wheelchair across the stage.

Ray stated that now that he is done with high school, he is planning to take a year off from school before enrolling in college to study Landscape architecture.

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