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18-year-old girl graduates US university with honors degree, set to bag masters degree at 20

An 18-year-old girl named Nadiya Blair has graduated from Howard University in the United States with an honors bachelor’s degree.

Nadiya obtained her bachelor’s degree in Political science and Government with a minor in sociology at Howard University, United States. She graduated with honors and earned the Summa Cum Laude grade.

She told Defenders Network she was able to graduate with a degree at that young age because she participated in a dual degree program at her high school. Through the Dual degree program, she earned an associate’s degree while simultaneously earning her high school diploma.

Upon graduation from high school, Nadiya had earned both a degree and a diploma and was accepted into Howard University as a junior due to her achievements and hardwork.


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Nadiya mentioned that she produced a 40-page thesis even though it was challenging she was passionate about her topic enough to hold through. She was able to graduate from the university debt-free even though she did not get a full scholarship.

”I didn’t get a full ride from Howard. They covered tuition, but that’s it. I was blessed to have a bunch of small scholarships. I never had to worry about a job. My number one tip is don’t snub your nose at small scholarships,” she said.

She attributed her success to God and her parents stating that they have always been so supportive. “I definitely give credit to my creator. But also my parents are just exceptional people,” she said.


”The amount of love my parents have poured into me was awesome. They were not helicopter parents. But they did encourage me and were extremely supportive, but they didn’t force me to do anything,” she added.

Nadiya said she plans to take a year off to recuperate and wants to get back into community service. She mentioned she has her eyes on the Presidential Lifetime Service award even though she already has two president’s volunteer service awards,

Nadia stated that after her break, she wants to pursue a master’s degree in Public policy and focus on nonprofits. management.

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