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18-year-old Lady sets record as the youngest Chartered Accountant in Ghana, celebrates unique achievement

An 18-year-old lady named Princess Korkor Boateng has set an outstanding record after becoming the youngest to qualify as a Chartered Accountant at the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana.

Princess Korkor Boateng is studying Business administration as an undergraduate final-year student at the University of Ghana business school (UGBS). She was admitted to the university at the age of 14.

She is the youngest qualified professional accountant in the school and also in the country. Princess said she feels excited to be the youngest to attain the professional level in the country because it proves her dedication and hard work were recognized.

“It feels good to be the youngest Chartered Accountant of Ghana because my hard work and dedication in the journey got recognized,” she said.


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She thanked her parents for supporting her journey towards becoming a Chartered accountant, saying it was her mum who motivated her to apply for the professional course at an early age to avoid the stress of combining work and studies later in the future.

“They supported me financially, emotionally, and mentally and they are always there to assure me for the time that I need help,” Princess said.

“My mum told me Chartered accountants are different from normal accountants because of the professional membership,’’ she added.

Princess admitted the journey wasn’t easy as she had to combine her first-degree course together with the professional course.



Commenting on how she was able to relate with her older classmates, Princess said she was comfortable although some people did pass inauspicious comments, she was still focused on attaining her goal.

“Every accountant’s dream is to take the course a step further even to the highest level. Either way, I knew I would do it, therefore, we thought it wise to start early and save ourselves the stress,” Princess said. “I am happy I was able to finish the test and my mother who is an accountant, is proud to see her daughter step in her shoes. It is encouraging to see that my success has made people take steps forward to achieve their goals,” she added.

Princess said she was first unwilling to sit for the test because she had wanted to enjoy a life in the university but the courage she eventually mustered has paid off.

“I thought there was ample time in the university especially when you do not have any leadership responsibility. But once I took the decision to start, I have been able to get the results,” she said.

In an interview with BBC, Princess gave a breakdown of how she was able to shuffle her academic certification with her professional certification at that young age.

“I started my education from the nursery like everyone in Ghana. But when I got to primary 6, I wrote a special common entrance exam for Akosomo International School that would enable me to get admitted into their senior school program,” she explained.

She said the early admission gave her the opportunity to apply and enter the University of Ghana for her first degree at the age of 14 and took the professional course to become a chartered accountant.

“I learnt the professional course with my first-degree course and that’s how I became a chartered accountant at the age of 18,” she added.

Princess admitted the journey wasn’t easy as she had to combine her first-degree course together with the professional course.

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“I faced plenty of challenges in my journey to become a chartered accountant and one of them was to combine the first degree with my professional course,” she said. “I had to learn my academic course and my professional course at the same time and there were times that my exams clashed with my tests and quizzes I had in school,” she added.

She advised everyone inspired by her story especially those in her age circle to go for their goals and not allow any situation to limit them.

“I think everybody have a different path to follow, they have their own different goals,But if you are very smart and you feel you can pursue your goals at a very young age, then I think you should go it and you should not allow anything to limit you at all.” she advised.

Princess revealed her dream job is to work for the world bank and her long-term goal is to be a financial analyst.

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