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18-year-old Lady with disabilities graduates US high school with 4.0GPA, wins 8 full-ride scholarships to university

An 18-year-old lady named Kymera Mitchell has graduated from Alcott College High School in Chicago, United States with a 4.0 GPA and earned 8 full-ride scholarships to different universities in the country.

Kymera Mitchell was diagnosed with autism and PTSD at the age of 6. Despite her challenges, the 18-year-old is graduating high school with an outstanding 4.00 grade point average, 19 college acceptance, and 8 full-ride scholarship awards.

She also received numerous merit-able awards from the James R Jordan Foundation and a financial scholarship.

Kymera’s achievements are beyond academic settings, she mentioned that she’s a recipient of more than 30 Special Olympics awards from local and state games, where she said she participated in track and field and shotput. She also played bocce and floor hockey.

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“I feel accomplished, I feel stress-free. I kept pushing myself through the challenges that would be thrown at me,” she said, adding that positive affirmations from some of her teachers also motivated her over the years.

Kymeras mother is the proudest of her daughter, describing her as resilient and dedicated. She recalled how scared she was when Kymera was diagnosed but also felt some relief because she saw her to be different.

“There was not a lot of research behind it, there was not a lot of support and places to go,” she said.

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Looking back now and seeing all that her daughter has accomplished, Kalaveeta said, “It just warms my heart, my cup runneth over,” “I always knew she was amazing, It was just always difficult trying to get other people to see that.” she added.

Kalaveeta further said that the school did not support her daughter taking classes with other student without disabilities, she had to advocate for her to take classes with other abled students.,

She explained that getting people to see her daughter for who she is and not her disability was an obstacle saying PTSD is often viewed as misbehavior rather than a trauma-induced emotional behavior.

“There is this behavior and this mindset still that people with disabilities cannot measure up to people without disabilities, and that’s not necessarily true,” she said

In college, Kymera Mitchell said she plans to study fine arts and become a graphic designer. “I can imagine myself making my own characters” for comics, TV or web series, she said.

Kymera advised other students with disabilities heading to college to focus on their studies and stay away from negative-minded people.

“Focus on your studies and ignore negative energy from people,” she stated.

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