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19-year-old African-American lady gains admission to US Medical School, made history as youngest doctor in US

A brilliant 19-year-old African-American lady named Ashley Roxanne Peterson who gained admission to study Medicine has made history as the youngest doctor in the United States.

Ashley Roxanne Peterson made history as the youngest Black Osteopathic doctor ever in modern history. She graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, United States.

Ashley enrolled in medical school at the age of 19 stating that she has always been the youngest in her class. She graduated from high school at fifteen and enrolled at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte that same year.

While at the University of North Carolina, she majored in Anthropology and was able to graduate in 4 years with honors. She participated in various extracurriculars including SNMA’s Minority Association of Pre-medical Students, the Honors College, Finding Yourself in Fashion, and various other student-led organizations.

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Ashley said it has not always been easy being the youngest, as many people doubted her abilities based on her age alone without even getting to know her. But she remained focused and resilient in her journey and has now achieved this historic milestone. 

She said she never felt as though she missed out on being younger but rather gained a different perspective from her other classmates. Ashley said her passion for medicine started from seeing her parents’ service in the military and education.

She said from their examples, she knew that she wanted to help people for the rest of her life. As a young girl, her passion for science began and by the time she graduated high school, she knew medicine was the career for her.



While in college, Ashley was shadowing doctors, and volunteering, and her class work only furthered her previous interest in medicine. After graduation, she started her Family Medicine residency at Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta.

She offers her advice to everyone not to give up stating that even when times were hard during her medical school journey she relied on her family and friends’ support to achieve her dreams.

“I went into medicine knowing that I want to help underserved and minority communities and I am continuing those passions as I continue into residency. I chose my residency based on their mission statement, current leadership, and how they give back to the community,” she said 

Ashley said she plans to use her education to help the communities around her adding that she has a special interest in global medicine, preventative medicine, minority health, media-driven health outcomes, and geriatrics.


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