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2-year-old exceptional boy solves tough math questions on his own at American Got Talent, shines across the world

A 2-year-old genius boy named Devan Defreitas has wowed the judges at the American Got Talent Show with his exceptional abilities to solve tough mathematics equations on his own.

Devan, from New York, was accompanied by his father, Duane to attend the audition for the hit show, America’s Got Talent. During the season 19 audition, Devan showcased his impressive mathematical skills, leaving the judges and audience in awe.

America’s Got Talent (abbreviated as AGT) is a televised American talent show competition and is part of the global Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell.  The program attracts a variety of participants from across the United States and abroad, who possess some form of talent.

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“We had posted him on TikTok, and it went viral. One of the producers had seen it and reached out to us saying he thought Devan was a good fit for America’s Got Talent,” Duane said.


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In the clip released by the AGT, the judges asked Devan to solve math problems that started easy for most but were hard for a two-year-old. Then, they made the questions harder, and he answered all sums correctly

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Devan multiplied or added the figures that his father had requested from the judges on a dry-erase board. “We’re all sitting here thinking the same thing: get us a calculator. I now feel really stupid,” Simon Cowell said after the performance.

In the first equation, which was somewhat straightforward, he multiplied 7 by 9 to obtain 63. Subsequently, Devan began using two-digit numerals, combining 44 and 13 to obtain 57.



Even when writing it, he took care to cross his seven, and he also went back and crossed the one his father had put on the prior equation. While solving the last problem, multiply 79 by 7, one of the judge interfered distracting Devan but with his father’s assurance, he solved it corrctly answering 553.

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He was the youngest contestant for the season of the show and his father recalls getting into a bit of a panic when they were called to come audition.

“I wasn’t sure how a two-year-old doing math would be on the show. But Devan assured us that he would be great,”  Duane said. He told the judges he first noticed Devan love for numbers when he was a four-month-old baby adding that his first wprd was the number 7.

“When we were showing him learning shows, if we would change the channel from the math shows, he would start to cry and when we would change it back, he’d stop,” Duane recalls.

From that time, Duane knew he had a duty to nurture his son by helping him enhance his mathematical skills.“It is never too early to start teaching your child numbers. Devan is proof of that,” he said.

Duane encourages children, parents, and soon-to-be parents to start learning, teaching or doing something at a young age, as the positive outcomes will be visible in the future.

Devan has a following of more than 800 000 on Instagram and over a million on TikTok, where he shows off his ability to do addition, division, multiplication, subtraction, Roman numerals, and exponents.

Since his first viral post in September in 2023, Devan has caught the public’s attention, appearing on the Kelly Clarkson Show and the CBS Morning Show.

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