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23-year-old black triplets graduate US university together, set to become Nurses

23-year-old black triplets, Jean, Jeanet, and Jeanice  Stephensons graduated from South University, Alabama in the United States at the same time with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

The Stephensons triplet made history by bagging their Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at the same time at South University, Montgomery, Alabama. The triplets said were inspired by their mom, who is also a nurse, to carry on their family tradition according to Blacknews.

They mentioned that growing up, the three of them formed a close bond that extended into their academic pursuits. They said being triplets has its advantages, especially when it comes to studying.

If one person doesn’t know something, you can go to the other, and maybe they’ll explain it a little better,” Jeanice said. “We motivate each other, help each other, make sure everyone is passing and learning at the same pace,” Jean added.

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The triplets stated that they cherish the unique connection they share, tracing it back to the day they were born. “We’ve always shared everything: cars, clothes, rooms, bathrooms,” Jean said.

“We were always very close because we shared everything,” she added. The Stephensons sisters said they also have fun with their identical looks which sometimes lead to amusing mix-ups adding that teachers and students alike find it challenging to tell them apart.

They mentioned that though they earned their nursing degree together, they plan to pursue different paths within nursing. Jeanet aims for the Intensive Care Unit while Jean is interested in pediatrics or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.



Jeanice mentioned that she wants to work in the Emergency Room. Despite having different paths, the Stephenson trio said the dream of working in the same hospital one day.

In another story, Morgan, Sanai, and Tony Jr. Hicks who were born 13 weeks prematurely have overcome growth challenges and graduated high school. They secured 78,000 dollars worth of scholarships to 40 different universities in the United States.

Morgan, Sanai, and Tony Jr. Hicks are triplet teens from Baltimore who graduated high school with excellent grades. They graduated with 3.70, 3.80, and 3.90 grade points average respectively.

The triplets received a total of 78,000 dollars in scholarships and earned acceptance to over 40 schools across the United States. The Hicks triplets defied the odds against their growth as they were born 13 weeks prematurely weighing less than two pounds.

Their mother, Sharnetta Hicks, shared their journey with CBS News Baltimore. She said she faced high risks during her pregnancy but despite that, she successfully gave birth to the triplets.

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