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23-year-old Nigerian Lady bags first-class in Law School examination, wins 10 awards as overall best-graduating student

A 23-year-old Nigerian lady named Dada Omotayo has won ten awards as the overall best-graduating student of the Nigerian Law School.

Omotayo obtained her bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B) at the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) with a second-class upper (2.1) before she proceeded to Nigerian Law School, Yenagoa Campus.

She graduated from Law School as the overall best graduating student of the 2022 set and was called to bar as a barrister and solicitor of the supreme court of Nigeria. Omotayo received ten awards in total for her remarkable performance.

Speaking on her achievements in an interview with Punch, Omotayo said she was surprised by her achievement because most best-graduating students she knew had excellent academic records from secondary school and university unlike her who did not graduate from university with first-class.

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”I was surprised because, from stories and videos of past BGSs (Best Graduating Students) that I had watched and read, they were people with stellar academic records. I remember the very last one I watched; she was a three-time BGS before she became the best graduating student at the Nigerian Law School,” she said.

Omotayo mentioned that growing up, she initially wanted to be a banker because she was fascinated by the appearance and work of bankers whenever she followed her to the bank.

However, she did not have a strong liking for Mathematics which stopped her from pursuing that dream. Omotayo added that she believes her father who is a lawyer and her love for debates and similar competitions influenced her to pursue a career in law instead.




The awards Omotayo won were the Council of Legal Education Star Prize for the Best Student of the Year, the National Association of Women Judges Prize for the Best Female Student of the Year,  Nigerian Bar Association Prize for the Best Female Student of the Year.

She also won the Director-General’s Prize for Attaining 1st Class, Sir Darnley Alexander K.B.E. prize for the Best Student in Property Law practice, Hon. Justice Aloma M. Muktar G.C.O.N Prize for the Best Female Student in Civil Litigation, Hon. Justice Atanda Fatai-Williams G.C.O.N prize for the Best Student of the Year.

The Dr. Taslim Olawale Elias G.C.O.N, S.A.N. Prize for the Best Student of the Year, Sir Adetokunbo Ademola K.B.E., G.C.O.N. Prize for the Best Student of the year, Hon. Justice Silvanus Ayere Ajuyah O.F.R., Prize for the Most Promising Graduating Student of the year.

Omotayo stated that the award is a testament to God’s grace and love in her life. She added that it was nice having those awards as it is a confirmation of what she believes that with God all things are possible.

She said that she faced the challenges of frustration in Law School because despite studying and putting in effort, she still feels uncertain and lacks confidence in her understanding and performance.

Omotayo said this struggle became a source of discouragement and uncertainty while in Law School. However, she motivated herself and got encouragement from her roommates and friends.

Advising students who also aim for a first-class grade in Law school, Omotayo advised them to always strive for excellence and aim for the best. She added that they should not let their mindsets limit them. 

”I would advise them to always strive for excellence and aim for the best. They should not let their mindsets limit them. The most important advice is that in all that one is trying to achieve, praying for God’s grace and mercies is very important. Trust God and pray. My story should be an inspiration. If I could achieve that feat, you can too,” she said.

Omotayo said later in the future, she hopes to find an area of law that she is passionate about and would love to specialize in. She added that she also hopes to be in a position where she can make an impact and add value even beyond her immediate environment.


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