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24-year-old Lady born without arms conquers her disability, drives car with two legs in outstanding video

A 22-year-old Lady, Kashmiere Culberson, who was born without arms has conquered her disability by doing all the arms functions with her two legs.

Kashmiere who lives in Texas, United States was born with bilateral phocomelia, a rare condition that affects the development of the upper and/or lower limbs. In a recent video of hers, she was filmed driving a car perfectly with her two legs.

Her ability to live her normal life through the strong determination of making her disability an ability gained a large social media following. She has over 307K followers on Tiktok and over 250K subscribers on YouTube with many people highly inspired by how she was able to develop herself despite her condition.

“I really came a long way from me not having self-esteem and confidence to me being where I am now. I want people to see me in person and see me on YouTube and know that there’s no difference. I just want to be myself,” she said.

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Kashmiere admitted that it has not always been easy to navigate a world that is not built to accommodate differently-abled people. But her parents, Phillip and Tomika Bomar, say even as a young child Kashmiere figured out things long before they did.

“Everything was just with her feet, like holding her bottle, her pacifier, she would flick in and out with her toe. We were just like, ‘Wow, okay’,” Tomika says.

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“I’m doing everything like everyone else. And I guess because of the way I carry myself, I’m not sad about anything or my condition,” Kashmiere explained.

Kashmiere graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas, US. She shared the video of her driving on Tiktok but the video has been shared several times outside the application garnering millions of views.

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“Today I’ll show you how I drive with my feet,” she says excitedly in the video. In a Twitter post shared, the video has been seen by over 3.2M people. Watch the video below;

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