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43-year-old woman goes back to school after giving birth to 4 children, set to study medicine in university

A determined 43-year-old woman named Shamone Gore Panther has returned to university to fulfill her dream of studying medicine after giving birth to four children. 

Shamone Gore Panter had always wanted to be a doctor but different circumstances had hindered her from pursuing the medical career.

She mentioned that she  planned to enroll in medical school in 2007, but ultimately took a different route because she was nervous about taking the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)which is required for entrance to medical school.

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Giving up on medical school, she decided to  pursue a doctorate. Shamone also began a new career as an assistant lecturer at Cleveland State University and worked at the Cleveland Clinic at the same time studying cardiovascular genetics.

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Shamone said over the years, she saw how important it was for Black people to see Black physicians to address the “justified mistrust” they have about medicine.

“That could be me.I might not be able to solve all the problems but sometimes seeing someone who looks like you gives you at least a foot in the door to maybe try to talk to people and give them information to potentially take better care of their health,” she said.

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She said in order to overcome her fears of the MCAT, a co-worker had her take a practice test with a condition: If she received a score higher than 500, she would take the real test and apply to medical school. 



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Shamone surpassed the  goal and took the actual MCAT which enabled her applied to and got accepted into a program of  partnership between Ohio University and the Cleveland Clinic.

This program allows students interested in family practice to obtain their medical school degree in three years. Gore Panter is on track to graduate in 2025. Shamone also mentioned that it was after speaking with her pregnant niece about the COVID-19 vaccine, she decided to return to school.

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She added that she successfully taught one of her family members about the advantages of taking the vaccine, which rekindled her passion for pursuing a medical career.

“I thought, ‘This is what I need to be doing every day,” she said. Shamone said she squeezed out time in between taking care of her kids to prepare thoroughly for the Medical College Admission Test.

Shamone stated that she passed the test with a score of above 500 and was accepted into Ohio State University for a three-year medicine degree program.

“It is an intense three years because we do the same thing as everyone else but then with the added stuff on top. We get to see patients every week. That part is really invaluable because it helps us to solidify the things that we’re learning in class,” she said.

She credited her family for being supportive towards her career of choice stating that she is grateful for the gift of them. Shamone stated that juggling medical school and parenting can feel tough at times, but  she knows she is doing something that could dramatically change people’s lives. 

Shamone noted that she will graduate with a medical degree in 2025 and practice family medicine in the United States.

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