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50-year-old woman quits teaching job to earn PhD at US university, fulfills lifelong dream

A determined 50-year-old woman named Stephanie Jackson has fulfilled her lifelong dream of earning a Ph.D. after concluding her academic journey at Life University in Georgia, United States.

Stephanie who used to work as a high school teacher quit her job to pursue her doctorate degree. She obtained her doctorate in Chiropractic at the College of Chiropractic, Life University in the United States.

Stephanie’s daughter, Nya Syndab took to her twitter to celebrate her mother stating that her achievement is a dream come true. ”“My mom became a doctor at 50! Dreams always come true. Congratulations, beautiful,” she said.

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She praised her mother noting that in addition to her raising two children on her own as a single mother, Stephanie had left her high school teaching job and moved to Atlanta, where she took six-and-a-half years to finish the degree.


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All through the years she spent on completing her doctorate at Life University, her daughter Nya was also studying for her bachelor’s degree in Biology at Spelman College, which she completed alongside her mum.

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Stephanie’s son, Ricky Syndab was also enrolled in high school and graduated around the same time as his mother and sister. He has also enrolled in Morehouse College, United States to study for his bachelor’s.

Advising others who wish to go back to school, Nya said that it is never too late to take the steps. “It’s never the end. It took me 6 1/2 to finish undergrad and I finished this year. You’re on the right track… don’t you worry about a thing,” she said.


She added that those who have the desire to pursue medicine to go for it as it is the right thing and the right path for them to follow.

“I would say to you that because you have a passion/a desire to become a doctor, it was meant for you. Whenever we have a desire for something, it’s the universe and our intuition telling us that that’s the path for you,” Nya said.

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“No matter how much you feel like you’re off track from your goal, our life has a funny way of bringing us back to where we wanted to be the whole time. I encourage you to pursue medicine again, no matter how old you are. The world needs your healing hands,” she added.


In another story, a brilliant Nigerian man who goes by the name Idris has inspired many after he got promoted from being a bank security guard to becoming a banker.

Idris who has worked for several years as a security officer returned back to a Nigerian university as a part-time student to bag his Bachelor’s Degree. His supervisor, Ayomide Babalola who narrated his story on Linkedin stated that Idris is a very hardworking person.

Ayomide narrated that Idris told him about his academic aspirations to become a Bachelor’s Degree holder. He had previously studied for a Diploma Degree and sought to upgrade himself to get the opportunity of showing his brilliance. Read more about Idris HERE.

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