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6-year-old genius boy scores 98% in IQ test, becomes one of the smartest persons in the world

A 6-year-old genius boy named Taurian Collins has become the youngest American to join the organization of people with high IQ – Mensa, after scoring over 98% on his entry test.

Taurian from Loisin was accepted into the organization after he scored 98th percentile in standardized testing. 

Mensa is an organization of intelligent persons across the world. To qualify for Mensa membership, applicants must take an approved intelligence test and score at or above the 98th percentile. The organization is one that only 2% of the world’s population is qualified to join.

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Taurian’s journey to achieving the feat is extraordinary as he faced a health challenge at a very young age. His parents mentioned that at the age of 2, he could barely say 10 words altogether.

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“He wasn’t really talking … It was momma and dadda and that was a little iffy … I don’t think he was saying 10 words,” said Taurian’s mother, Jessica Collins said. She said the young genius had hearing difficulties.

Jessica stated that her intuition led to a visit to the pediatrician who had him checked. Taurian had his adenoids taken out and tubes placed in his ears.

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Before the surgery, Taurian’s hearing sounded like he was underwater and everything sounded mumbled to him including his speech.  The surgery transformed his words from his world from muffled sounds to clear speech and vibrant conversations.


Taurian’s parents stated that ever since then the young genius has not stopped talking and even reading at the age of 2. “I called him into the room and said, ‘Hey, can you read this to me and tell me what it says? ” Jessica said.

Taurian’s parent made him take the IQ test and his score went over the chart. This prompted them to submit his application for Mensa and he was accepted. 

“He is the perfect candidate for a program like that. I mean, these are the most intelligent people in the world, and he fits right on in that group,” Taurian’s doctor, Dr. Brian Bush said.

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Taurian said he aspires to be a National Football League player and an astronaut when growing up. He added that he plans to attend college early, with plans of enrolling at Harvard University at the age of 13.

In another story, a 3-year-old genius boy named Muhammad Haryz Nadzim has become the youngest American to join the organization of people with high IQ – Mensa, after scoring over 99% on his entry test.

Muhammad, now a 6-year-old joined the organization in 2020 after he scored 142 on the Stanford-Binet IQ test while he was in nursery school.

He was also evaluated by a psychologist. Muhammad’s mother, Nur Anira Asyikin told “Good Morning America that she is amazed by his ability. He was tested by the British Mensa and passed all of his evaluations. Read more about Muhammad HERE.

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