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66-year-old woman who missed her graduation because of accident finally graduates US university, graduates alongside her 27-year-old daughter

A 66-year-old woman named Pamela Martin-Turner who missed her graduation because she had an accident finally had an opportunity to celebrate her graduation. She celebrated the graduation alongside her 27-year-old daughter.

Pamela was in a car accident before her law school graduation from George Washington University in 1982, which led to her failing a class causing her not to be able to walk at her commencement ceremony, a policy made by the university as at that time.

On the day after Mother’s Day, Pamela’s children surprised her with the doctoral tam and gown she never got to wear on the occasion of her own law school graduation 42 years ago.

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Her 27-year-old daughter, documented the surprise in a -viral Instagram reel, showing her pamela opening a delivery box containing the black and purple regalia of The George Washington University Law School.

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Pamela said the surprise was the best thing she has ever experienced adding that she was so surprised when she saw what her children had arranged for her.

“I was so moved by it all, because I obviously had an unhealed part of my heart that felt bad about what happened when I was in law school, so what the children did here really helped to heal that part of my heart,” Pamela said.

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“I never saw the cap and gown and never wore it or anything, and it was a real disappointment to me at the time. I felt really, really ashamed because I had failed this class,” she added.




Despite missing the opportunity to walk at her law school graduation, Pamela completed her pending credits and was awarded her law degree in September 1982. She went on to pursue a career in Tax law for some years before becoming the director of a Detroit-based nonprofit.

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“I had told the children this story over the years partially so that they could always try their hardest and make sure they had everything in order and all their ducks in a row, because you don’t want to get disappointed at the last minute,” she said.

Pamela’s daughter, Miranda Turner mentioned that the story had remained memorable for her and her brother throughout the years.

She said when she was about to graduate from The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law, she felt it was the ideal moment to not only present their mother with the regalia but also arrange a unique mother-daughter photoshoot.

“I wanted her to be able to have that feeling, because when I first tried on my cap and gown, I was just so happy and giddy, and I jumped around in it. My mom really deserves the world, She’s poured everything into us, and so this was just a moment that we wanted to pour back into her,” Miranda said.

The mother and daughter celebrated their achievements together stating that the memories they made were priceless.

“To have my doctoral robe and hood and hat, it was really, I think, the most wonderful gift [my children] ever gave me,” Pamela said. She stated that she wants others to know that failing is a normal part of life, but getting back up is also a choice one can make.

“One of the things I hope maybe people will take from this is that, first of all, no matter what, whatever adversity comes, you can fall down, but you can get up … and I hope people will understand that you don’t need to carry shame,” she said.

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