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67-year-old man bags bachelor’s degree with over 70% grade, achieves dream of becoming a university graduate

A determined 67-year-old named Frederick Olaseinde has achieved his dream of earning a university degree as he bags a bachelor’s degree at Covenant University, Nigeria with over 70% grade point.

Frederick Olaseinde obtained his first bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Covenant University, Ogun Nigeria with a second-class upper of 3.52 cumulative grade point average.

Frederick told TheCable Lifestyle he was motivated to go for the degree despite his old age because he wanted to quench his thirst for education, a goal he couldn’t attain in his youth.

“I did Business Administration, having had four reasons to justify returning to school. I wanted to quench my thirst for education; to be current and relevant. At this age, I ought not to return to university,” he said.

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Fredrick said the time when he wanted to pursue a degree, he was denied, but now that the opportunity has come, he is glad to make use of it. He added that though he did not possess a university degree, he obtained Ordinary National Diploma(OND), Sandwich courses, and qualifications from professional organizations.

“The time I ought to have gotten educated, I was denied of it. Doing so now is me being restored. I haven’t had a university degree before. The other ones I had were the OND, Sandwich courses, and those of professional bodies,” Frederick said.

He also recounted how his peers and family were amazed by his determination to pursue his dreams and engage in a university program at the age of 62.

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“Abraham Lincoln said in every man’s life, there’s time for opportunity. If you don’t prepare for it, what a tragedy. All I did was prepare. And it’s paying off because I had always known I’d make use of the status I’ve achieved,” he said.

“I didn’t tell my wife until I got admitted. She thought I was joking until I showed her my admission letter,” he added.

Frederick mentioned that he is an entrepreneur, expressing confidence that the degree would significantly benefit his business. He added that his intention was not to get employment with the degree but to leverage it for his  business expansion.

He stated that he has the capacity for conducting necessary research and possessing digital skills to facilitate his business growth.

“I’m an entrepreneur. This degree will, no doubt, help me with my business, not that I’m going to take a salary work. It’ll help me expand my business effectively. I can do the required research. I have digital skills,” he said.

Frederick said initially, people were amazed by his decision to pursue the degree and doubted that he would complete the five-year duration of the course. However, driven by determination and enthusiasm, he consistently attended classes and was an active student.

“It wasn’t easy. Initially, it was tough. I bought books, used the library, engaged lecturers to tutor me in the area of mathematics. In my second year, the burden was lighter. I had a library at home with my printer and computer,” he said.

Frederick said his message to others is to be persistent and determined, emphasizing that individuals who do not stop cannot be stopped. He added that age should not serve as a hindrance to pursuing one’s goals.

”I came out with second-class upper, having narrowly missed the first class. What I will tell people out there is that they stay determined. There’s no stopping someone who didn’t stop themselves first. Age shouldn’t be a barrier,” he said.

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