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67-year-old woman fulfils lifelong dream, graduates from US high school with good grade

A determined 67-year-old woman named Renee Carroll has fulfilled her lifelong dream of earning a high school degree after concluding her academic journey in Goodwill Excel Center in Washington D.C, United States.

Renee Carroll returned to school after working for over 40 years. She stated that returning to school after about 40 years was very hard work. “The younger people really rallied around me and carried me through.” She described her experience of going back to school.

The Goodwill Excel Center in Washington DC is an adult public charter high school which was established to award adult learners who did not graduate in the past with high school diplomas rather than a GED.

Renee Carroll was the oldest in her graduating class. The school said it is never too late to achieve anything in education.

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“It’s never too late to do anything in life in terms of education. We have quite a population of students coming back to school and deciding that this is something they want to do.” school’s senior officer, Dawn Rhodes told WTOP.


In another inspiring story, 74-year-old man Bobby Bell has inspired many across the world after earning a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, United States, many years after leaving school.

Bobby Bell, was a Pro Football Hall of Famer who had to leave school to focus on his football career after he enrolled at the university in 1959. However, Fifty-two years after he left campus for pro football, Bell returned to earn his degree in parks, recreation and leisure studies. Read more about Bobby Bell HERE.

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