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80-year-old woman fulfils lifelong dream, graduates remarkably from university with over 70% grade, set to enrol for Masters

An 80-year-old woman named Donzella Washington has fulfilled her lifelong dream by graduating from university with over 70% cumulative grade points average.

Donzella Washington, who graduated from the Alabama A&M University in United States set out on a quest to accomplish her lifelong goal of becoming a graduate and wants to inspire others to never stop setting and working to achieve their own goals.

Washington narrated that she began her academic journey just because she wanted to go back to school. “When I began this journey it was just because I wanted to go back to school, it was something I wanted to accomplish,” she said.

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She moved to Fultondale, US to be with her daughter after she lost her husband, Washington set her eye on a social work degree, got a scholarship, and did not hesitate to enroll for her studies.

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Speaking on her achievement, Washington’s daughter, Kimberly, said she is such a great example of commitment and strength and perseverance and dedication and compassion and passion. “She is such a great example of commitment and strength and perseverance and dedication and compassion and passion, she exhibits all that,” Kimberly said.

Despite her old age, Washington had faith in her ability to achieve great things.

In her thirties she took speech classes at a college to overcome severe stuttering, she did so well she signed up for more classes. But even now her journey in higher education is not over as she expressed willingness to enroll for a Masters Degree.

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“I feel like with the help of God who has brought me this far, that I will be able to accomplish and obtain my master’s degree,” she said.

Washington graduated with CGPA of 3.69 and plans to volunteer in places like nursing homes. She and her husband have also fostered around 30 children.

Washington now wants to inspire others with the message that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams.

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