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9-month-old pregnant woman graduates from US university, receives her certificate while in labour

Determined 9-month-old pregnant Kelsy Hudie has graduated from Henry Ford college and received her  diploma while in the early stages of labor.

Kelsey Hudie bagged Liberal Arts degree from the Henry ford College, Dearborn in the United States. She showed up at her graduation ceremony with 38-weeks pregnancy and was dilated for delivery at any time.

Kelsey mentioned that the doctor had told her four days before her graduation that she was going to give birth anytime soon and should be admitted in the hospital. But she was determined to walk the stage and recieved her certificate at her graduation.

“I was like nothing is going to stop me, even if I have the baby and have to hold her in my arms, on the Tuesday before we graduated, they said that I was dilated two or three times, so that wasn’t going to stop me from walking across the stage,” she said.

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Kelsey said that the college staff made sure she did not wait long at the graduation ceremony. Once they were aware of her situation, they allowed her to sit on stage and called her name earlier in the program than initially planned.

The Henry Ford College President, Russell Kavalhuna said he was not going to commence the graduation and give his speech early but Kelsey’s determined mind pushed him.

“I have to tell you, I wasn’t planning to speak this early in our commencement, when we bring people through Henry Ford College, they’ve got grit, they’ve got perseverance,”  Russell Kavalhuna said.

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“And this student has told me, and us, ‘I’m going to walk across that stage despite the fact that I’m 38 weeks pregnant, I am dilated and I can’t wait for you, Russ, and your friends to talk for an hour and a half so I need to graduate quickly,” he added.

Kelsey said graduating and walking across the stage to get her diploma was one of the best days of her life and she is grateful to everyone who assisted her.

“I had the best feeling walking across that stage to get my diploma because it was this feeling of achievement that I had finally done it,” she said.

Kelsey plans to continue her studies at Eastern Michigan University and one day become a high school history teacher.

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