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9-year-old genius boy develops 30 mobile games on his own, set to become a Scientist

A 9-year old genius boy named Basil Okpara Jr. has showcased his exceptional talent after he was able to develop 30 mobile games on his own.

Basil is a Nigerian programmer who uses a free programming language called Scratch 2 to build games of various genres. Scratch 2, the language that allows users to create games, animations, and stories online or offline.

 “I learned how to build games at a boot camp. Now, I build to keep me busy when I am bored,” the young genius said. He stated that his father signed him up for a five-day boot camp for children aged 5 to 15.

Basil’s father mentioned to CNN that when Basil was growing up, he would constantly play games and get scolded for it. It was during one such scolding that the young boy made up his mind to start creating his own games.

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“I bought him a tablet when he was 4 years old because I saw that he was always grabbing phones to play games with. He played Candy Crush and Temple Run a lot. There was this day he was on the tablet, as usual, he was so carried away with the game he was playing that I got upset with him,” Basil Okpare Sr. said.

“Out of annoyance, I said to him, ‘you are always playing games, can’t you think about building your own games so others can play yours too?’. I was angry when I said it, and I did not know he took it seriously,” he added.

He said since then Basil actively showed interest in learning how to make his own games and prompted his parents to buy him a laptop and register him to learn the first steps of building games.




Basil’s father signed him up for the boot camp organized by Codefest International. The five-day camp, designed to introduce children to emerging technologies like robotics and virtual reality, provided Basil with the foundational knowledge and skills to pursue his passion for coding.

Basil who wants to become a scientist in the future has since then developed his own games and named them according to what they are about. Some of the games are still in their raw firms while some of them are available on Google Play.

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