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93-year-old Police man retires after 65 years of serving his community

A 93-year-old policeman named  L.C. “Buckshot” Smith has finally retired from the police force after 65 years of working while at the same time serving his community.

Smith is a Camden Police officer who was also the oldest law enforcement officer in Arkansas, United States. He started out his career in furniture sales, a funeral home, and a service station before he finally became a police officer at the age of 30.

He started at the Camden Police Department,  University which he mentioned that at first, he worked for free. “I worked 30 years with an officer who never wrote a ticket. I had to do all his writing for him,” he said.

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Eventually, Smith transitioned to the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office where he retired at age 81, but that only lasted a few months before he was asked to come back.

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“They said I had too much knowledge, history, and understanding to let it die,” he said. Because of that, he made plans not to retire for life.

Over the years, Smith had served as a court bailiff, and a responder, and assured the security of the neighborhood as well as the annual festivals and events in Camden.

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Smith spent his last days in law enforcement mentoring younger officers. He stated that he planned on working the rest of his life, but after suffering a fall, he decided it was time to go.


“I woke up and I couldn’t walk. That’s when I made the decision to retire,” he said. Encouraging other law enforcement officers who are still in service, Smith urges them to treat everyone how they would want to be treated.

“If all law enforcement would do that, we’d have better community, city, and state if all police officers would treat people like they wanted to be treated,” he said.

Following Smith’s retirement, the Camden Police Department hosted a special event where community members and co-workers honored Smith’s hard work.

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Talking about his retirement plans, Smith stated that he plans to fish and hunt, adding he has not gone fishing in around 50 years.


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