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After suffering rejections from 14 universities, 18-year-old boy lands job with google as Software Engineer

An 18-year-old boy named Stanley Zhong who was rejected by 14 universities after he graduated high school has fought back as he earned a job as a Software Engineer at Google.

Stanley graduated from Gunn High School with a 3.96 grade point average and a 1590 score on his SAT. After graduation, he applied to 18 universities and colleges in the United States but was rejected by 14 of them.

Aside from his good grades, Stanley was also a finalist in multiple global computer coding contests and founded a free electronic signature startup called RabbitSign. He said though he expected rejection from his first choice school, Stanford University others were shocking.

“No one can say they expect to get into Stanford, Berkeley or MIT, but I applied to a few state schools where I thought I had a better chance. I didn’t get any feedback from any admissions offices. You don’t get reasons, you just get ‘you’re rejected,” Zhong told CBS MoneyWatch.


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 “For some of them it was expected. For a lot of them I felt frustrated in the sense of, ‘What do you want from me?’ I feel like as students, we deserve to know what we should be doing in order to get into these colleges,” he added.

Stanley was accepted by four other schools including the University of Texas(UT) at Austin. Not wallowing in disappointment, Stanley said he decided to matriculate at UT Austin and at the same time applied for a software engineer opening at Google.

“I decided to go for a full-time job as well to see what happened. I figured worst case, I would get interview experience and see what the process was like and maybe I would get lucky,” he said.


Fortunately, Stanley got a job as a software development engineer at Google, a role that does not require a college degree. He is working in the company as a full-time staff with plans to go back to school next year.

“I am very lucky to have this opportunity and right now, I will stick with it for at least a year. From there I will think about, ‘Am I am making good contributions and doing good work?’ If that’s the case, I will stay until I don’t feel like I am or that I am really missing out on a lot by not going to college,” Stanley said.


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