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After working as a Laborer to pay university fees, man finally graduates with first-class degree in Chemistry

A Nigerian man named Ikeh Arinze Chukwuemiere who worked as a manual laborer to pay his university fees has finally graduated with a first-class degree in Chemistry from Nnamdi Azikiwe University(UNIZIK), Anambra in Nigeria.

Ikeh Chukwuemiere is a native of Anambra state in Nigeria. He earned his bachelor’s degree in pure and industrial chemistry from Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) Awka,Anambra in Nigeria with first-class honors.

Ikeh has always been exceptionally brilliant. He was a top student in his high school, Government College Anambra, serving as a constant source of inspiration to his other classmates to be at their best in their studies.

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Throughout high school, Arinze consistently achieved outstanding academic performance acing all his examinations, especially  in the chemistry subject. His passion for chemistry grew in high school due to the presence of a skilled chemistry teacher, which led him to choose chemistry as his field of study at UNIZIK.

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After high school, he sat for the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam where he secured the highest score in chemistry and performed very well in the aptitude test with a total score of 276.

“I sat for UTME and scored 276 with the highest score in chemistry and a very high score in aptitude test,” he said.

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Ikeh mentioned that during his university years, he encountered numerous challenges as he had to juggle academic responsibilities together with fending and catering to his financial needs with no help from anyone. He described the experience as being had to manage.

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‘’I faced a lot of challenges in the university as I trained my self all through my school years. Combining works, stress and academics at the same time is not an easy task,’’ Ikeh said.

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He also said there are times he felt the urge to drop out, but he persevered and  succeeded ultimately in the end. Ikeh also claimed there were occasions when he had to skip lectures for months to engage in menial jobs such as working as a manual laborer in a table water company and a small paint industry but despite missing assignments and tests, he still emerged as the top student.

Ikeh said the pressures of university life motivated him to strive for excellence such as him encountering a mix of good and bad friends while in school. Even though he was a very sociable individual, he never succumbed to peer pressure, nor did he allow situations to influence his personality.

He also mentioned that he usually appears very unserious when it comes to academics, rarely asking questions in class. However, at the end of the day, his academic results spoke volume.

Due to missing classes, Ikeh heavily relied on YouTube for supplementary learning, treating it as his second source of receiving lectures and when his results were released, he consistently achieved scores as high as 98% in theory courses and expected no less than 90% in most subjects.

“One may think I am the dumbest student in the class because merely looking at me, I look so unserious to learning, but it’s only my result that speaks loud for me, I hardy ask question in a class. My only hope was to score 100% in the exam,’’ he said.

‘’Missing classes made me to cling to YouTube learning as my second lecture. When the results come out, I will make up to 98% in theory courses. I do expect not less than a 90% score in most courses. “I have made 5/5 CGPA in a semester. It’s been God all the way. Sometimes, I may not write so well in the exam but once results come out I will make A in the course. It’s just few B I made all my stay in the unizik, the rest was A,’’ he added.

Ikeh advised students to always be positive about their studies and expect the best at all times. He also suggested they should use YouTube as an additional learning resource that can provide comprehensive knowledge at no cost. Stressing the importance of setting aside time for private reading and revising.

“Always hope for the best, sometimes the classroom teaching may not be enough, you need to learn more on Youtube, believe me everything is made easy and free at no cost. It will give you a broad and intense knowledge of the course. I brought 2 hours of my time every day to study chemistry and always have time for your private reading,’’ Ikeh said.

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