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APPLY: 2022 Orskov Foundation Student Grants for Students in Developing Countries

The Orskov Foundation is currently accepting applications from students who seek financial support for their education.

The Orskov Foundation provides grants that help individual students with funding to cover training needs and support a focused program of community projects in developing countries.

Each year we receive many more applications than we have the funds to support, so it is important that, before submitting an application, you take a few minutes to read the information below, as it will help you to decide whether your application is eligible for funding.



 With the world’s population expected to surpass 9 billion by 2050, estimates suggest that global food production will need to expand by 75 percent from current levels.  Meeting this massive additional demand will require concerted action on a number of fronts, including efforts to increase the production and consumption of currently under-utilised and under-appreciated foods.

It is essential that such efforts are environmentally sustainable and socially appropriate, otherwise they will ultimately fail. 

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To be considered for this offer, you must note the following:

  • Applications from students registered at university in a country not classified by the UN as lower middle income, or low-income will NOT be funded.
  • Applications seeking funding for equipment, or attendance at conferences, will NOT be funded.
  • Applications seeking scholarships to cover the costs of complete Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate courses, or parts of Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate courses will NOT be funded
  • Applications seeking funding to cover the costs of Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate research projects will NOT be funded
  • Applications that cannot demonstrate the potential to alleviate poverty and/or provide sustainable environmental benefits will NOT be funded.
  • Applications from students not studying degrees related to agriculture, land use or the environment will NOT be funded.

Duration and Reward

  • The student grants are only provided to help support costs of training at a university or similar organisation other than the university/college in which you are registered at the time of the application.
  • Preference will be given to support training aimed at sustainable land use problems with an emphasis on animal, plant and soil interactions, where it can be demonstrated that, in addition to contributing to knowledge, they will (a) have the potential to alleviate poverty and (b) provide sustainable environmental benefits, including adaptation/mitigation to the impact of climate change. Training outwith these areas will not be funded.
  • The Trustees will only consider projects with a budget up to a maximum of £2,500. This is the upper limit, not an indication that you should request this amount

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Method of Application

Due to the evolving global impact and responses to COVID-19, as well as considering the carbon footprint of travel, this year we are inviting applications for either grants for online training, OR for grants for international travel for in-person training.

If you would like to apply for individual support from the Orskov Foundation follow these easy steps:

Applicants will also be sent an email in March or April to inform them whether they have been successful or not

Deadline: December 31, 2021

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