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Brilliant 18-year-old girl graduates US university in just two years, bags bachelors degree in Political Science

An exceptional 18-year-old girl named Ellison has achieved a remarkable feat as she graduates from the University of Louisville in the United States in just two years with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Carmen achieved a feat three years ago when she was 15 as one of the youngest students ever to graduate from Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS). After graduation, she proceeded to the University of Louisville where she obtained her bachelors in two and half years.

She not only graduated early, Carmen made history as one of the youngest graduates of the University of Louisville. “Mainly, it was me taking a larger course load because I had a goal, and I was really determined to reach that goal,” she said. 

Carmen’s mother, Felicia Bowman said at her graduation that she is very proud of her daughter’s achievement adding that she is the first ever person to graduate from college in their family.



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“It flew by really fast; I was surprised. She accomplished more than the people I work with, and I’m just really amazed and proud of her,” John Ellison, Carmen’s father said while praising her.

“The KFC Yum! Center is so big, and I was screaming because I was so excited. I mean, she is a first-generation college student,” Felicia said. Carmen said with a degree in Political Science she hopes to attend law school adding that finding a job has been tough.

“I believe because I am so young, people aren’t really open to put trust in me because of my age.You have to know me. I am a very determined person,” she said.



In another story, an exceptional 13-year-old boy named Jack Rico has achieved the remarkable feat of graduating from Fullerton College in the United States with four degrees in just two years, setting a new record as the university’s youngest graduate.

He also made history as the youngest student to achieve that feat in the school’s 107-year-old history. Jack earned his associate degrees in history, human expression, social behavior, and social science and maintained a 4.0 GPA all through. Read more about Jack HERE.

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