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Brilliant 18-year-old girl wins $2million scholarship to 50 US universities, set to bag bachelors degree

A brilliant 18-year-old girl named Jaylin Ellison has won a 2 million worth of scholarship to 50 universities to study for her bachelors degree in the United States.

Ellison graduated from Westlake High School, United States and has been accepted to 50 universities and colleges across the United States. She also won different scholarships totalling 2 million dollars.

She stated in an interview witth Yahoo Life that she applied to around 70 college but earned acceptance into 50 schools out of them including University of California, Elon University and Howard University. 

“Every time I count the number, I’m just more and more shocked. It’s such a blessing to be in this position,” she said. “I would say I’m an overachiever,.I definitely get it from my parents, growing up I always strived to be a perfectionist in everything that I do,” she added.

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Ellison mentioned that the scholarship process was not easy recalling how she would be up late at night doing an essay  doing all the theatrics which she said made her cry sometimes but remained determined with her mother’s word of encouragement.

“Then my mom was like, ‘Jaylin, you’ve worked so hard these past two years and I promise you, it will all come to play and you’ll realize why we’ve pushed you so hard to do all this work.’ I think back to that night a lot after this semester, and she was so right,” she said.

Advising other young students like she is, Ellison stated that they should work towards their passion with determination and in the end the work will pay off.


Ellison mentioned that she plans to study in either Vanderbilt University or Howard University where ahe intends to major in directing and screenwriting for her bachelors degree.

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