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Brilliant girl breaks 20-year-old record of US high school, emerges first-ever black valedictorian

A brilliant young girl named Trinity Asberry has broken the 20-year-old record of the Rusk High School, Texas in the United States,  emerging as the institution’s first-ever black valedictorian.

Trinity Asberry graduated from Rusk High School in Rusk, in the United States. She said she has been working hard academically to graduate first in her class which she did and was made the valedictorian of the whole graduating class.

Trinity did not only accomplish her goal, but she made history as the first Black student to hold the title in her high school’s history.

“The first thing I did when I found out is I called all my family members, ‘Hey I’m valedictorian!’ My grandma told me, ‘Hey I think you might have made history, I’ve been here a long time and I’ve never heard that happen,’’ she said.



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She said she immediately began researching the history of Rusk High, the only high school in the Rusk Independent School District, but could not confirm her suspicions with any faculty or local newspapers.

“They didn’t have the resources to tell me that information. So we checked with the NAACP and they couldn’t find that information as well so we did a lot of research with community members and alumni from Rush HS,” she explained.

Trinity said it actually took a bit of digging but she was able to confirm with the Board of Educators and other sources that she was in fact, the first Black valedictorian at Rush High School.


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Trinity’s father, George Andrew Asberry, said he was very excited about his daughter’s achievement.  “That feeling was like wow you’re special, I mean you’re the first in Rusk…that’s history. I’m so proud of her and I probably tell her a hundred times,” she said.

George said a lot of his daughter’s motivation comes from her late mother, who passed when Trinity was just in elementary school. He added that her mother set the foundation and when she passed, he did his best to maintain it. 

“When Trinity lost her mom, I thought that the best thing I could do was make her situation comfortable and that’s what I did. I made her first priority, I put my personal life in the back burner and made sure she had everything she needed. She had me, her grandmother, her aunt, and her teachers – all of those people were instrumental for helping her to get where she is,” he said.

Trinity said she plans to pursue her education at Texas Southern University by enrolling in their pre-nursing program with the hopes of transferring to the University of Houston, United States after two years where she will complete her bachelor’s in nursing. 

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