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Brilliant girl from Alabama earns bachelor’s degree at 16, masters at 17 years old, bags 3 degrees in 2 years

An exceptional Lady named LeAnna Roberts who graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s degree at the young age of 16 has now earned her masters degree at the same university.

LeAnna from Tuscaloosa holds several outstanding academic records as she graduated from both high school and community college on the same day before proceeding to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Alabama, United States.

She earned her Master’s in Business Administration with a Healthcare Management concentration in the same university at the young age of 17. LeAnna accomplished the impressive feat of obtaining three degrees in only two years.

”A Master’s in Business Administration with a Healthcare Management concentration. From an early age, my parents really poured into me. I always had a love for reading, learning, and science. I was a very inquisitive child,” LeAnna told WLBT.

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“I would say I am surprised. Looking back four years ago when I was in high school, I would have never imagined, never saw this in the cards myself,” she added.

LeAnna stated that when she enrolled at the University of Alabama, she found the learning more challenging, but she overcame it by simply driving through it head first. “That was really the first thing I had to buckle down, re-evaluate, and learn different study habits and ultimately ended up very well,” she said.

She mentioned that her academic achievements were proudly displayed with six cords representing her diverse interests and accomplishments, including membership in the MBA society.


She stated that through the academic journey, she never lost sight of one thing and that one thing is not a secret to turning the page to greatness. “Find out what keeps you going and chase after that. We all have different gifts and talents,” she said.

LeAnna mentioned that SHE will continue her schooling at the University of Alabama Birmingham in the United States as she has enrolled for another master’s degree with the plan of graduating in 2025.

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