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Brilliant girl graduates US high school with 4.20GPA, gains admission to 15 US universities

A brilliant girl named Olivia Carter has graduated from high school with a remarkable 4.20 grade point which earned her admission to fifteen universities in the United States.

Olivia graduated from Pikesville High, Baltimore in the United States with an outstanding 4.20 grade point average. Her outstanding performance earned her acceptance from fifteen universities in the United States.

”And then I got the emails back, that I had been accepted into all of these colleges, and the first one, I was like super excited. I was like ‘Oh my God, I got accepted,’ and then the rest kept coming in,” she said.

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She also made history as the only student in her class who has never missed class since they were in Kindergarten. Olivia added that even when she injured her toe in elementary school, she put on some comfy shoes and walked herself back to class.

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Olivia’s father, Jon Carter, said his daughter’s love of school came naturally. “She realized every day in school is a learning experience and ‘I do not want to miss a day of that experience.’ That’s what she tells me,” she said.

Olivia mentioned that having people who supported and encouraged her played a significant role in her achieving success

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“I have a community of people around me that are supporting me and uplifting me, making sure that I know that I am capable of doing everything that I want to set my mind to,” she answered.


Olivia’s achievement was recognized as she walked across the stage of her graduation at her high school. While in high school, she took Advanced Placement Psychology at Pikesville High School. 

She stated that the Advance Placement class she took inspired her to minor in psychology with a major in business administration. Olivia said she will be studying for her bachelor’s at Morgan State University.

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