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Brilliant Lady fights back after failing medical exam four times, graduates as a Pharmacist

A brilliant lady named Johnnel Markland has finally graduated as a pharmacist after four attempts at writing medical school examinations.

Markland earned her Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s College of Pharmacy. Narrating her story in a post by Melanie Doc on Facebook, she said although the achievement was delayed, she still managed to accomplish it.

She stated that though she matriculated through pharmacy school, never failed a class and graduated wit a manga cum laude grade, the academic journey came with hs own fair of challenges.

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”I gracefully and seems like effortlessly matriculated through pharmacy school. Never failed a class and GRADUATED as MAGNA CUM LAUDE! But before it was all over, God humbled me and reminded me that he was the one who brought me this far,” she said.

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Marklan mentioned that she is officially done since she passed her exit exam with an impressive score of 82%. She said she finally scored 82% after four failed attempts to score a 75% grade.

She said during the failing moment, she doubted herself because she had never failed a test. However, she worked hard along with her faith in GOD, consistent integrity, and resilience she passed the pharmacy school exam excellently.

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”I started doubting myself because I have never failed a test before… but along with my FAITH in GOD, consistent integrity and resilience I can finally say..WE did it. I am officially DR. JOHNNEL MARKLAND.” she said.


In another story, a young Nigerian man named Abubakar Isa who failed the West African Examination Council (WAEC) twice has persevered and fought back to secure two scholarships to study abroad.

Abubakar Isa shared his story on his Facebook stating that he passed all of the subjects he sat for in the Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations except for English Language which was one of the compulsory subjects required to enter the University.

Not discouraged, Abubakar decided to register for another WAEC with the hope of scoring an A in all of his subjects. Unfortunately, he failed the English Language subject again but passed others. Read more about Abubakar HERE.

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