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Brilliant Lady graduates high school and US college on the same day, bags bachelor’s degree at 16 years old

An exceptional Lady named LeAnna Roberts from Tuscaloosa, United States has graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s degree at the young age of 16.

LeAnna Roberts holds several outstanding academic records as she graduated from both high school and community college on the same day before proceeding to earn a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Alabama.

She attended Central High School and Shelton State Community College through dual enrollment and earned her associate degree at the age of 15. She immediately enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in biology at the University of Alabama, United States.

Roberts says she has never let her age define her or discourage her from achieving her goals and also encourages other high school students who may be interested in dual enrollment to give the program a chance.

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Earning a bachelor’s degree at the age of 16 is not an easy feat. Roberts says she is extremely excited and happy to make her family proud. “I’m super-excited, it has not really sunk in yet, but I’m very excited. My family of course, they’re all super-proud of me and will be coming to support,” Roberts said.

In a celebratory post she made on Instagram, Roberts said she it is now time for her to earn her Master’s degree. “I am beyond blessed and thrilled to graduate at 16 with my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from The University of Alabama. I genuinely couldn’t ask for a stronger support system throughout my journey. Time for the master’s degree! Roll Tide,” she said on Instagram.


Roberts plans to graduate with an master of business administration degree through the STEM Path to MBA program in May 2024.

As for her career plans, Roberts said she hopes to make a positive impact on the medical field and focus on health care disparities in rural communities.

My overall goal is just to improve healthcare disparities and inequities that we see, especially with underserved communities. My grandparents are from rural Alabama. So I’ve been able to witness firsthand since I was a younger child just how that can affect one’s health. So being able to impact that is my long-term goal as a physician,” Roberts explained.

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