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Brilliant Lady graduates UK university with bachelors, masters degrees at the same time, celebrates success

A brilliant Lady named Cameron Adam has achieved exceptional feats at the renowned Stanford University in the United States. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees simultaneously.

Cameron obtained her bachelor’s degree in Political Science with sub-tracks in Economics and Law together with minors in French Language & Data Science. She also earned a master’s degree in in Communication  with minor in Digital Media Studies & Journalism.

She earned all of the degrees within just four years at Stanford University. Cameron said her community and network made all of the degrees infinitely more enjoyable and energizing.

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She stated that each of her areas of study aligns with her passion. Cameron said community and French helped her learn about governance influenced by real-life experiences.

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Cameron said she explored works by poetic politicians who envisioned and established postcolonial, independent societies and institutions through their art.

She said by using tools from Data Science, she was able to analyze how effective and impactful these institutions are on the communities they aim to help. Cameron added that studying Political Science allowed her to apply traditional governance methods to today’s world.

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She said communications provided her the necessary framework to observe and encourage people to connect to hold their institutions accountable. Cameron said she feels blessed to have studied her favorite subjects at one of the best universities.


Cameron said after experiencing a full year of using Zoom due to the global pandemic, going through two significant changes during her junior year, and participating in three off-campus programs in Paris, Florence, and New York, she can confidently say that Stanford University deserves the hype it receives.

She mentioned that throughout the academic journey, she met amazing individuals along the way and she is thankful.  She expressed her gratitude to everyone who directly supported her with late-night FaceTimes, walks, last-minute trips, and countless dining hall meals.

Cameron added that these people stood by and not only were they directly there for her, but they also introduced her to spectacular acquaintances who enriched her entire experience.

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She stated that Stanford University provided her with valuable friendships, mentorships, knowledge, power, and self-awareness.  Advising other scholars, Cameron urges them to make it a point to connect with everyone around them.

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