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Brilliant Nigerian lady bags Microbiology degree with 4.87 first-class, wins ₦500,000 as overall best-graduating student

A brilliant Lady named Adedayo Taiwo has emerged as the overall best-graduating student of Olusegun Agaga University of Science and Technology, Nigeria after bagging a Microbiology degree with 4.87 over a possible 5.00 cumulative grade point.

Taiwo’s outstanding performance not only earned her a cash price worth 500,000 naira, but she also received different notable awards and automatic employment from her state government.

She took to LinkedIn to celebrate her achievement stating that she is a product of grace and hard work while at the same time highlighting all of the recognition she received for her performance.

Taiwo said she was the overall best graduating student of the university’s 2020/2021 and 2022/2023 academic sessions, and the second valedictorian for the second convocation ceremony held in the school since its inception.

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Taiwo mentioned that she bagged 12 awards in total and her achievement earned her a handshake and picture with the Governor of Ondo State Nigeria. She said resuming the university, she did not plan to be the valedictorian adding that her first semester’s result was even motivated by the promise of a laptop.

She said it was when she surpassed the goal of achieving a 4.50 grade with a 4.75 grade point average that she realized that she could achieve so much more if she put in the hard work.

Taiwo said with determination, she achieved a perfect 5.00 grade point average for five consecutive semesters while in the university. 



She mentioned that the journey to achieving the feat was not smooth but it was rather rough, and tough. Taiwo added that it also involved tradeoffs, sacrifices, perseverance, and endurance.

Taiwo said she is grateful to God for giving her the strength to see the journey through to the end. She also expressed her gratitude to her mother for being her financial, emotional, and moral support throughout the years.

She added that her mother doubled as her father and mother after her father’s death which was not an easy one but she is thankful that she made her proud. Taiwo mentioned that she has have keen interest in getting a Master’s or PhD degree in Molecular biology and biochemistry, Biology, Mycology, Immunology, or any other related fields.

In a similar story, a brilliant Lady named Adesoyin Aderanti won the award of best graduating student at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria after bagging a Microbiology degree with 4.78 over a possible 5.00 cumulative grade point.

Aderanti obtained a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology with an outstanding grade of distinction from Obafemi Awolowo University. Her impressive performance earned her the award of the best-graduating student of the university’s Faculty of Science.

She took to Twitter to celebrate her achievement giving thanks to God. Aderanti shared that she was not a first-class student in her first year and her goal was never to have a first-class, but just to graduate with good marks.

She said her achievement is more surprising because she was actively involved in other things including creative and professional writing and editing, filmmaking, content creation, fashion designing, spoken word, and even politics. Read more about Aderanti HERE.

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