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Brilliant Nigerian Lady graduates as a Computer Scientist with over 96% grade, wins 3 PhD scholarships to study in UK

A brilliant Nigerian Lady named Mary Kenneth has set a new record for herself after graduating as a Computer Scientist with over 96% grade from the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria and ageing three (3) scholarships in the United Kingdom.

Mary Kenneth who took to her Linkedin profile to celebrate her success noted that she applied for many scholarships and got many rejections before finally winning scholarships to the United Kingdom.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer with First Class from the Federal University Lafia, North Central, Nigeria. She proceeded to the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Northern Nigeria and bagged a Distinction Master’s Degree in Computer Science, scoring 4.81 out of the possible 5.00 grade points.

Two years after completing her Master’s Degree, Mary announced that she has been selected for three PhD Scholarships award abroad. “With a heart full of joy and thanks, I am glad to announce that I have got three fully funded scholarships, two to the UK and one to Taiwan, for my PhD studies,” she wrote on Linkedin.

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She expressed great pleasure that the two scholarships she got from the United Kingdom came from the same school which has been ranked the 7th best school in the world and the 3rd in the UK – The Imperial College London, England.


Mary was awarded the Deepmind scholarship and the Doctoral Teaching Scholarship to enrol for her Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Computer Science at the Imperial College London.

Few days after she was awarded a scholarship to study in the United Kingdom, she was awarded the TIGP Rising Star scholarship to study in Taiwan. She was left to select one out of the three scholarships presented to her after facing 9 rejections.

“However, the doctoral teaching scholarship looked more favourable to me, so I chose it and I had to reject the other two sadly,” she wrote.

She thanked everyone that contributed to her success – including her friends and family – noting that out of all the scholarships and schools she applied to, she got rejected by 9, got no response from 2, and got one admission with no funding. “Two weeks after all of this rejection, I received not one, but three yeses,” she added.

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Mary hopes to inspire and “encourage everyone struggling with scholarship applications that just one yes is all you need to be victorious.”

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