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Brilliant Nigerian Lady graduates with 4.86/5.00 first-class degree, wins many awards as best student

A brilliant Nigerian lady named Ifesinachi Okafor has bagged a degree in Mass Communication from Joseph Ayo Babalola University in Nigeria. She won many awards from her faculty and institution as the best student.

Ifesinachi Okafor who graduated with a 4.86 CGPA emerged as the second-best-graduating student at Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Nigeria.

Ifesinachi said she initially wanted to study Linguistics but due to personal circumstances, she made a switch to Mass Communication. Eventually, she developed a passion for certain aspects of Mass Communication and she intends to build a career in them.

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“I initially wanted to study Linguistics and Communications but had to change to Mass Communication due to some reasons. I eventually fell in love with some areas of Mass Communication and plan to build my career on them, “she said.

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Ifesinachi admits that at first, she was disappointed and unhappy when saw her final GPA because her goal was to be the top graduate in the university but on her convocation day, she felt a sense of pride when receiving the awards and expressed gratitude to God.

“To be honest, I wasn’t happy. I cried for days when I saw my final CGPA. My goal was to become the best-graduating student in the university. However, I felt proud of myself on my convocation day when I received my awards. I am grateful to God for everything. I believe there is a reason for everything,’’ she said.

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She mentioned that her study schedule typically involved reviewing notes after lectures, doing evening and early-night reading during exams, and revising materials around 4 am before exams.

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“I read my notes each day after lectures. During exams, I preferred reading in the evenings and early in the night. I also do revisions around 4am every morning before my exams,’’ she said.

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Ifesinachi acknowledged that her choice of friends had an influence on her exceptional grades. She said she maintained a close group of friends throughout her four years of studying Mass Communication, who motivated each other, studied together, and supported one another.

She said one of her most unforgettable experiences was when she had her first 5.00 GPA, which brought her great joy, and it led her to immediately share the good news with her family.

“My most memorable experience in school was when I made my first 5.00 GPA. I was ecstatic when I saw my result. I called my family immediately to share the good news. It was a wonderful experience,’’ she said.

Ifesinachi said that though she faced challenges, particularly during her third year when her CGPA dropped drastically, she regained hope and made sure to achieve consecutive 5.00 GPAs until graduation.

She also mentioned that her career goals include furthering her education, becoming a polyglot, and pursuing a writing profession. She believes that her academic achievements will push her further in life.

“I love writing, and my role model is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I read all of her books and they inspire me to be a better writer “I plan to further my education. I aspire to become a polyglot and a writer. I have many goals in life and I believe that furthering my education will push me a step ahead in life,” she said.

She advised students aspiring for academic excellence to do their best, embrace their uniqueness, avoid copying their colleagues, prioritize healthy eating and rest during exams and also start reading at the beginning of the semester so as not to cram.

“I would advise students to do their best and leave the rest for God. Be unique and stand out in the crowd. Never try to copy others. Eat healthy food and rest during exams. Start your reading at the beginning of the semester and avoid reading in the night to the examination. I am confident that anyone who desires academic excellence will achieve it,’’ she said.

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