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Brilliant Nigerian Lady wins three PhD scholarships to study at University of California, celebrates achievement

A brilliant Nigerian Lady, Comfort Chukwuere has bagged two Master’s degree scholarships and one PhD scholarship in the United States and has now begun her PhD studies at the University of California Davis, USA.

Comfort Chukwuere celebrated her achievement alongside her 25th birthday. She narrated that she had prayed to God for a scholarship when she marked her 24th birthday.

“Exactly one year ago, I asked God to grant me a scholarship before my next birthday, and I am pleased to inform you that God gave me triple scholarships and made it beautiful in his time,” she wrote on LinkedIn.

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She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Port Harcourt, South-East, Nigeria. She thereafter commenced the process to earn a scholarship award. “My journey to receiving these scholarships has indeed been tough for me to jot down because it was filled with disappointments and tears, but I’m glad it all worked out in the end,” she narrated.

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Comfort Chukwuere explained that she started seeking scholarships in 2019 but got several disappointments after investing some money in seeking guidance which did not work out.

“My scholarship journey began in 2019, but I became more focused on it in 2020. I began looking for scholarship platforms in early 2020 and came across a popular paid scholarship masterclass on Facebook,” she said.

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“I attended the so-called master class, but I was disappointed because I didn’t get what I was seeking for (practical knowledge, guidance and a community of like-minded people), because the owners of the group were more focused on making money than in our success,” she added.

She later sought out for support from scholars and was added to a WhatsApp group which expanded her knowledge and better prepare her to submit scholarship applications.

Comfort Chukwuere learned more about the Do-It-Yourself scholarship application style and began applying actively. She was later accepted to earn a PhD in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry (AGC) Group at the University of California, Davis, United States.

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