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Brilliant Nigerian Lawyer bags masters degree at US university, scores outstanding grades in New York bar exam

A Nigerian Lawyer named John Odey has obtained a Master’s in Law at the Pennysylvania State University, United Stated and achieved an outstanding grade in the New York bar exam.

John obtained his bachelors degree in Law (LLB) at Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria after which he went on to the Nigerian Law Schoool where he was inducted as a barrister and solicitor of the Law.

He proceeded to earn a Master of Law LL.M)with a focus on Intellectual Property Law (at Dickson Law School, Pennysylvanua State Universiry, United States. He shared his achievement of passing the New York Bar exam and stated that he also became a dual attorney.

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John mentioned that the New York Bar exam is the most challenging exam he has taken despite having written many exams in law school, including the Bar finals at the Nigerian Law School and law school exams at Pennsylvania State University’s Dickinson Law School.

He said the difficulty of the New York Bar exam lies in the bulkiness of the courses being tested and its time pressure. John said one will be tested on the MEE in any six aspects of the twelve courses, unlike the Nigerian Bar exam.

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”You will be tested on the MEE in any six aspects of the twelve courses, unlike the Nigerian Bar exam. In the MEE, you have just 3 hours to answer six questions,” he said.



John stated that another challenge is the MBE with one hundred practical questions to be answered in two sessions within 3 hours each.

He also added that MPT which requires legal writing skills where you must prepare a memo or written argument in three hours based on facts, laws, and cases is one of the challenges.

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However, John stated that he took some courses while at Dickson Law School which helped him prepare for the exam.  He stated that after completing his LLM program, he had limited time in January and February to prepare. 

He said he went through intense study hours which were necessary as he had to learn some courses from scratch.

John said he is proud of what he accomplished during the short preparation period and grateful for God’s guidance. He passed the New York bar exam with a high score.

The high score will allow him to practice in any Uniform Bar Exam jurisdiction across the states, including Pennsylvania, where his United States legal education began. He added that the achievement also made him a dual-qualified attorney.

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